VATS Committee Meetings 2006


Attended by Dave Moss, Deanne Plunkett, Hanneke van Linge, Rob Shaw.

Functions planned:
Valentines function on Monday 13th February.
Picnic at Hennops with a Sauvignon Blanc tasting Tastings planned.
Tastings in mind:
More Six-of-the-Best tastings.
International tastings.
Finance report:
Rob says that our finances are strong and in good shape.
Need to have a more friendly vibe at tastings and make visitors feel welcome.
Committee to rotate their normal seats to intermingle with other tasters.
Committee to personally introduce themselves to all new tasters.
New tasters contact details to be collated and kept on our database.
Scores from previous tastings to be put on back of tasting program.


Attended by Dave Moss, Deanne Plunkett, Hanneke van Linge, Rob Shaw.

Functions planned:

Gluhwéin evening.
More social functions at Vats as this attracts more tasters as was seen by Valentine's evening.
Outing to van Gaalen Cheese farm, Hartbeespoort on a Sunday to be planned.
Have Six of the Best at least every 2 months.
Get more high profile presenters to Vats.
Finance report:
Rob reports that finances are very healthy. Membership has increased.
In order to attract more members, Committee decided to reduce Subs after the halfway mark of each year.
From July to Sept R 60.00
From Oct to Dec R 40.00
There appears to be a much happier relaxed atmosphere at tastings.
To give support and reciprocate our appreciation to Bryanston Country Club for looking after Vats with our venue,
we should investigate the idea of having a supper there.


Attended by Dave Moss, Rob Shaw, Deanne Plunkett, Hanneke van Linge.

Membership is healthy, 96 members for 2006.
Attendance at tastings is excellent, this year so far attendance consists of 768 members and 101 guests.
Rob to change treasurer’s details on the bank accounts.
Portfolio definitions discussed:
All e-mail communication with members regarding tastings, bookings etc.
To set up system for welcome emails to new members and guests.
To capture guest and new member details from forms filled in at tastings.
Printing of membership forms, score sheets and tasting calendar.
Provide minutes of meetings.
Start structuring membership relations every 3 months (feedback regarding attendance from Rob).
Tasting Co-ordinator:
Arrange presenters (and confirm 1 week prior), invite presenter to supper, arrange glasses etc on presenter’s table.
Familiarise presenter with tasting and scoring procedure and time-frame for tastings (to start at 7.30pm and ensure
finishing time is before 9pm).
Arrange gift (branded wine cooler) if presenter is a winemaker; alternatively invite presenter for supper afterwards
and ensure that there is a delegated person to host the presenter.
Arranging biscuits, spittoons, water and glasses at every tasting.
Bring covers for blind tastings.
Make sure webmaster has updated tasting calendar at all times.
Facilitate venue payments.
All communication with BCC (Wendy v/d Merwe).
Control club accounts.
Collect membership fees.
Collect tasting fees.
Pay club expenses.
Control Petty cash and float.
Correlate membership management information and feed back to committee.
Running the tastings. Welcoming guests and presenters.
Collating and making announcements.
Enforcing discipline.
Arrange for a scorer to be present.
Liasing and assisting other Committee members to ensure success of Vats.
Liasing with Webmaster.
Treasurer's Report:
Rob said that the club's funds are healthy. They are at their highest level ever.
General Continued:
Committee to make a point of personally welcoming and introducing themselves to new members.
Deanne to e-mail some notes she has for perusal by the committee, in order to create some welcome and tasting
notes to be handed out to new members and guests.
Dave to source suppliers for 4 glass bags from Marilyn (CWA) and to source the supplier who supplied the Vats 6 glasses.
Deanne to source branded glasses from Vitrea and Ngwenya Glass.
Next Social to be held at Hennops on Sunday the 15th October; theme to be One Pot Wonders. Club will provide the starch to
accompany the dishes.
Dave and Rob to liaise on prizes to be given for Best Dish and Lucky Draw (one for a cook, one for a member).
Rob to liaise with BCC about the possibility of having a year-end function. If BCC is not an option, to look elsewhere.
Hanneke to look into Website. Comments have been made to committee that Website could be more eye-catching with some mobile
content. To look into how interested surfers can find the Website (keywords, links etc).
Beaumont Shiraz to be bottled on Wednesday, more club participation to be encouraged in the winemaking process.
Beaumont Shiraz Challenge to be held at Rats venue on Thursday 31st August. Dave to arrange Rainold’s Prego Rolls.
Suggestions for future tastings:
Reidel, Sauv Blanc Terroir comparison (Fleur du Cap), Kevin’s vertical Chateaux Libertas, Chris de Klerk
(possibly also a vertical), Brandy, one or two more Six of the Best, Artistes, Rudolph Erasmus (Bordeaux), possibly a Veuve.
No tasting on Tuesday 24th October 2006 due to WineX.
Dave thanked the Committee for the all hard work that resulted in excellent tastings, healthy finance, general good vibe and camaraderie
and smooth running of Vats.


Attended by Dave Moss, Rob Shaw, Deanne Plunkett, Hanneke van Linge.

To do:
Hanneke to create laminated sheets showing numbered circles for glasses to be made for next year.
Dave to e-mail aroma wheels to Rob, to be printed and given to new members.
Dave to get contact number from JP for leather tasting cases.
Dave to speak to Mike regarding Website (re. keywords, search engines, animated content etc)
Website details and links to Tasting calendar, Scores and Gallery to be put onto mails going out to the list.
Tasting co-ordinator to try to get at least one booked tasting per month. All tastings the club has to pay for will be
considered booked tastings as well.
Rob to let Hanneke have list of non-attending tasters (past guests, absent members etc) in order to send out a
personal e-mail encouraging them to come more often in 2007). Two extra columns to be added onto membership
database to have updated stats every week.
Ideas for tastings next year:
Coffee & Chocolate matching with wines.
Morgenster wines with their olives (Dave).
Olives & Cheese matching with wines.
Veuve Cliquot (Heide).
2006 top Sauvignon Blanc (Dave).
Dave to approach Juliet Cullinan to present something.
Cathy White and Catherine Rebel to be approached to present.
Encourage more members to present tastings in 2007.
Extend an invitation to Rats to come and present a tasting at Vats.
Possibly set up a tasting together with Rats to do a comparative tasting of the top 6 wines of each club.
Aim for one ‘social’ tasting with snacks, every 2 months or so. First such will be 13/02, along some Valentines Day theme.
Beaumont Challenge 2007:
More effort will be made to include more members in all stages of the wine-making process.
Blog to be created with link on Website with comments on how everything is progressing.
Samples to be drawn monthly to be brought to tastings with winemakers comments for members to taste and learn
about the process.
Deanne to source a small basket press (Hanneke to provide number of Wine Machinery in Stellenbosch),
possibly approach Rats to share the cost.
Dave to look into sourcing an old barrel (Hanneke to forward e-mail from Wine Machinery regarding 3rd fill Vergelegen barrels).
Dave to get in touch with the winemaker from Temerity (in Fourways, from 2006 Beaumont challenge)
and possibly Clive Torr regarding presses etc.
Wendy has left BCC, new contact is now Stacey.
Finances are looking healthy, so we can do some more costly tastings in the remainder of 2006, full report to follow at AGM.
We have exceeded the 100-member mark.
End of year tasting to be “Tasting Co-ordinator’s tasting”, will be booked tasting with snacks afterwards,
Pru, Deanne & Hanneke to organise platters, Rob will do livers, Dave can't make it.
Schedule for next year so far (e-mail to be sent to members so long):
9/1 Geoff Carter – unusual red blends.
16/1 (presenter t.b.a.) – Vats 6 highest scoring wines of 2006.
23/1 (Dave Moss) – Chairman’s tasting and AGM.
First outing of the year to be on Sunday 11/3. Dave to enquire as to the possibility of going to the Lion Park,
other options include: Delta Park, Loopspruit, Emmarentia, Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens. One or two combined
activities were suggested, such as a Boulle competition.
Mention to be made that in future the tasting co-ordinator will be asking for help for those members present to set up
the tasting room etc.
Suggestion to plan an annual wine and food festival. Put to members. If response is positive, co-option
onto committee will be necessary. Some ideas are: one wine per winery, possibly reds only, May suggested as we don't
want to clash with other shows etc, preferably a Sunday, possible venue Bryanston Sports Club or Bryanston High school,
maybe Sunnyside, look into ‘shop-at-show’ option.
All present committee members are prepared to stand again for 2007.
If a member is not at the AGM he/she can nominate a proxy.